Friday, September 02, 2005 cities and new opportunities ...and leaving everything that you know, behind.... i had promised myself that when my friend Purnima leaves home I will write a blog about this....and pass it to all my friends all over the world....2 years in mumbai and to be precise 2 years of love with mumbai....but i still miss Delhi (ummm i prefer calling it Dilli actually.)..and i have a feeling always will....crazy as it sounds... while watching 'ek haseena thi' (the shriram raghvan film!) while thrilling me also made me lil weepy eyed...only because i saw blue line buses and dtc buses on ring road in the film...and teh kajrare song from bunty aur special...not only because of the awesome lyrics throughout but the last para where he sings " ballimaaran se dareebe talak...teri meri kahani dilli mein" i was jumping in the seat(while unsuccessfully trying to whistle) beacuse i grew up near ballimaaran (where ghalib stayed btw) and did shopping for my sister's wedding at dareeba and filthy it sure is ...old delhi. i mean,..and crowded and full of lecherous men....but its still my first memories of the world....(i will definitely do a blog on purani dilli ka khaana....) and it is full of romance...listen to the names...chandni chowk....khaari baoli...if you are safe...umm in delhi you just have to have a man around you to be almost safe...then you can have lots of fun there...lots of little little things to buy...lots of funny aunties and uncles to watch...lots of road side romeos and lots of obliging rooftop juliets....lots of yummy food....kothis that make you instantly nostalgic( about what exactly i don't know...but nostalgic)....the haunting sound of the azaan...and obsessive sound of the mandir aarti.... sigh will come back and do another part soon....right now i am hungry and think will call mummy....i am like this only....:)


Blogger Me!! said...

Homesick child.... its only coz' u stay in bbay that u r missing all this... in other words staying in bbay is making u realise the fun/importance of the small small things u'd have never even thought of staying here.... it's giving u creative ideas too... so ITS GUD THAT U R IN bbay?!!!?!?!?! Ofcourse there's one more reason... i have the whole room to myself!!! ha ha!!! But i LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEE DELHI without going anywhere to realise its significance in my life!!!!!! :) DILLI 6!!!!!!! love u!! kp blogging!!

8:07 AM

Blogger sudo phish said...

accha tell me somthing are thse poems your creation> If yes THEN wohoho I am bowled over by the one on the child - can I still call it yours... NAHI tuney nahi likha na? Bol saali bol - I am blue green purple with envy!!

5:22 PM


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