Friday, July 07, 2006

bachpan ki yaadein

look at what i found...
enjoy the nostalgia


Blogger maverick said...

heh, heh , heh .... companions of those sultry, sleepless and lonely afternoons when everybody would be napping and you couldn't find anybody to play with ... :)

5:39 AM

Blogger chaat paapdi said...

Not only lonely afternoons, but still-drowsy mornings and breaks betweeen doing homework in the evening and 'one last page' moments before the lights were switched off at night.

Thanks for that- the Russian peasant clothes, beautiful borders on paintings, the vivid colours and detail... took me back to age 8. Remember the scary dragons in Alyonoushka and the pop-up Thumbelina? AND do you remember Prabhat retelling Aldaar Kosey stories to the class in school when Uma bhai came to 'mind' us in a free period?

10:52 PM

Blogger silbil said...

i don't remember the stories that prabhat told...
but i remember ' Jab Papa Bacche The' and 'Roopvati Vasilisa' , i remember Schooli Ladke and Teen Mote...
and the first 'adult' book that i ever read , 'Mera bachpan' by Gorky. oh oh and oh
Those Raduga books were something else...

11:30 PM

Blogger Rahul Gaur said...

does any body remember - "nikita ka bachpan" and "kissa kaptan gapodshankh ka"? too good - both of them

12:48 PM

Blogger chaat paapdi said...

hee hee hee i remember 'Papa jab bacche the' too! brilliant sketches of magnified kid-papa and everything else shrunk against him. : )

11:04 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice Story, I liked such stories, right from my childhood.

9:45 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nothing like bachpan nostalgia:-

Bachpan ke din bhi kya din the

Bachpan har gum se begana hota hai

1:37 AM

Blogger purple said...

write more!! its nice to read u...n btw thnx fr publicising my blog;)lol

1:02 AM

Blogger purple said...

wanna read more from u....keep writing babe!!

11:04 PM

Blogger natasha1313 said...

please feel free to suggest bollywood songs b/c now i have to find some for the video

12:23 PM

Blogger Unknown said...

Hi there..

8:10 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

How is our baby feminazi doing.

11:48 PM

Blogger der Bergwind said...

just that its nostalgia... its always there, mite not be the doll but the need for it.. isnt it?
in some form or the other, mite be in varryin intensity.. but its there..

for me, the pillow bears the brunt:) the happy highz, the ulti-lowz... its just P is alwayz there..

ps: wo! this greek-o-latino word verification.. hmmm, do these really help in any way:) now tatz just a sweet request... do away wit it:)

5:36 AM


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