Wednesday, September 14, 2005

pata nahin kaun jeeta
kal raat mukabala tha
sannate ke beech
aur un hazaar baaton ke beech-jo main kehna chahti thi
kal raat maine kaha bahut kucch...
tum ne suna ki nahin?
sote rahe tum
par sapne dekhe meri aankhon ne
apni nasamjhi ko samajhti rahi raat bhar
door se dekha tha tumhaara chehra paani par
jhilmilate chand mein,
par doobti bhi rahi aur behti bhi rahi

1.58 a.m


Blogger chaat paapdi said...

bahut accha hai... you're quite brilliant. loved your piece on delhi too. anu's right about the bombay effect- does exile do this?-it's like being born again, sharpens your senses, being in two worlds at once. on a practical note, consider copyright since you're posting creative pearls on the web.
your poems are the best things i've read in the longest time... :)

8:42 AM


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