Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I carry a child within me,

don't remember the act of love though,

I look at the shadow on the dark road,

only can't locate the moon.

If I make the idol with my own clay,

my hands giving it shape,

my energy giving it life-

can I still call it yours?



Monday, August 29, 2005

okay firsts of anything are important...first rains and all that sentimental happiness...
and the first salary cheque (i have three photocopies hee hee)...first kiss ...after 9 years i am excited about telling friends when and where i kissed than who...girls i tell you....
okay it was on sunday...at 11 a. and on one of the more busy streets of C.P Delhi...it has to be dramatic...otherwise what's the point...quiet subtle things and actions are not me...
so anyway we were talking about first blog...so inviting like the first pages of diary...first day of the year...all the excitement about firsts actually imply convinient amnesia more than a healthy anticipation if you ask me...
okay more later...i should not be doing too much time pass...my bosses are more quiet than cats when it comes to quiet entries...so maybe i should say bye bye till the next time....