Friday, January 23, 2009

A long comment that actually desrves to be a post

Okay so i found this really sweet(ha ha ), charming(roll eyes) and iformative(eyes can't roll back further) blog post.
i commented on it but it might just be deleted.
so i am pasting it here.

Please please please do not call yourself a feminist.

okay please please please maybe i was being too harsh, at least ADMIT that you are ONLY feminist when it suits you, nothing wrong with that now.

sometimes we ALL cop out.

Please please please i hope you realise that whatever your age is....i am assuming ONLY it is more than 12, writing a blog post which has this super cutesy tone to it by you adding a trillion please(s)and therefore makes you sound like 12. oh wait men like all women to be cute and protectable (shit there is no word like that but you got the point)

please please please let me come to the ISSUES you have raised you are not a damsel in distress. know sound like you'd MIND being a damsel in distress. but why would you? you LIKE old fashioned things. they have lovely, charming quality to them and so does this damsel image. so why the resistance?

2.unless the woman stays in a relatively unsafe place or it is after 9 pm, does this make ANY sense. oooopps for our information you have already declared yourself a feminist so surely you know better. men are ALWAYS the security, guards, chauffers, come on, have i ever seen a woman doing these jobs. that makes a LOT of sense. in case you are from North India, especially Delhi and Punjab, dude, just DROP DEAD. coz you are used to hearing TU at home, and that is like SOOOOO UNMANLY. only men from Bihar who are MORE likely to use TUM, need apply for this post of being a REAL MAN. Hmmm.....Interesting. Not ONLY sexist, we also have linguist and regional biases. but we ARE feminists.

4.Please please please. what if she REALISES despite your best manly efforts that she is an adult who ACTUALLY knows how to walk on street. shit that would be devastating to her gentle lady heart. NEVER let her find that out. let her always believe she can NOT walk on the road also without your comforting presence. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE women HATE feeling like capable adults. I mean that is SOOOOOOOOO UNFEMININE.

5.Now this is interesting. i always took the lady seats in Delhi. doesn't that go against my feminist spirit. so why did i do that. coz Delhi is a JUNGLE. men there are taught things that these post suggests. to be a man you protect and what you protect you posess and what you posses you can molest. get the logic. and HUH HUH HUH shouldn't any ADULT, man OR woman get up for a pregnant lady. REALLY REALLY, the men you hang around with need a crash course in THIS ? THIS? God, this is surreal!!!!!

6.even that thoughtful gesture happy? how do i (the blogger) know this,coz like I KNOW ALL WOMEN AND ALL MEN. Like I can speak FOR ALL OF THEM. AND ALL OF THEM ARE INCAPABLE adults LIKE ME!!!! Come on being treated like an adult is so UNWOMANLY!!!!!!! Dating etiquette of 19th century is so cute. so charming. so lovely. so was sati pratha. hey THAT really made a woman feel like a woman and you know she even DRESSSED in all her finery and felt even MORE like a woman. and you know like all men watching that woman burning also felt so chivalreous and all.come on I also like quaint charming things. can we PLEASE take your computer away from you, In west bengal it was believed that if a girl got educated, she would either go blind or her husband will die....

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE after you have finished sniffing in a handkerchief provided by a gentleman friend (i knew you were missing a vital act of chivalry) you will hit delete on my comment. so i think i will post this reply on my blog with a track back to your rather enlightening blog post.

Mwah. is this what good ladies do? I don't know. I usually use cheers. but maybe that is what gentlemen what do i know. I am not a feminist, for anyone's information. I just live by those thought, don't INFORM people.

p.s yes i do sound like very nasty to that poor little girl. but give me ONE good reason why that blog post shouldn't have made my blood boil.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A new beginning and TAG TAG TAG

Well i had abandoned this blog many many months back. and i had been blogging at and abandoned that as well and started yes i have commitment phobia.
yes there is a chance that i am single because i am scared that i might want to do this with partners as well and that is not usually allowed.
yes i am not sure whether the last line was serious or funny or a tragicomic mix of both.
yes i am rambling because this is my space.

i discovered this blog
which is as the name suggests is about tags. and i am a TAG junkie. i like talking about myself. i live in a delusional world where i believe people like knowing about me. so ...this seemed like a very very nice idea.

Okay the tag is about films.
I should and I can talk about two films that I watched and LOVED called Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi and Ghajini. But I choose to talk about a film that I watched on DVD a week back called The Holiday. and to be truthful i didn't even like the film. okay i liked Cameron D (who was not as good as in many other films) and i liked Kate W. Didn't care about Jude Law and Jack Black. Wait, I did think an ex love-interest suffers from Jude Law's hang over (Love interest is an actor too!!!) and that made me queasy but other than that the two boys did nothing for me. Now firang men rarely do but that is still besides the point.
I thought the film was so so mild and was trying SO hard to be cute, romantic and meaningful that it bored me. it was quite dharmesh darshan in english.
but still it made a mark on me.
for a personal reason.
two years back when i was STILL madly in love/infatuation/adoration/lust with some man, a friend had asked me to watch the film telling me that I should watch Kate's character and think of her journey. I did NOT like this idea one bit and so I didn't watch the film.
Now when i watched the film I was with my sister and bro in law and therefore couldn't ooohhh aaahhhh on the similarities or rather weep over them.
So I watched it quietly.
But bad as it was, I realised that Kate was me (what was her screen name? wait, Iris). So Iris was where I have been. And though not very witty or dramatic or whatever, the trick that Abbot, her writer friend employs to make her realise how wonderful she really is and instead of allowing Jasper to treat her like a puppy, she should SO kick him out, was very very cute and effective.
Too bad I am already OVER my Jasper but the film would have come in handy.
I wouldn't really really recommend the film UNLESS you are in a situation of unrequited love.
well the other love track between Jude Law and Cameron Diaz was too convinient and therfore did nothing for me.

Okay so here is where you check this blog.

p.s watch out for more posts, I am back I think

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