Monday, April 24, 2006

kuch kho gaya gaya hai mera...

Idhar udhar se samet ke
Daali thi gullak mein
Usi din to!
Socha tha phursat mein
Dheere dheere haule haule
Unko phir se apne andar jaane doongi
Thodi pighalti mom jaise
Thoda aisa jaise June mein gale mein paani mehsoos hota hai.
Aaj kisi ko apni yaadon ka
Ek kliedoscope dekhate dekha aur
Maine apni gullak khangaali
Nahin khali to nahin
Bhara hai sab
Aur ajeeb si baat hai
Tarteeb mein hai
Mera nahin hai
Jaise man se khareeda ho kuch
Aur ghar aa kar pata chale ki kisi aur ka saaman galti se mere saath aa gaya hai
Chahe woh kitna sundar ho…
Mera to nahin hota na.


Blogger sudo phish said...

waah bhai waah. As usual I am awestruck by ur ability to emote so well in both languages. I loved the few english words thrown in style - verry cool :P

4:43 PM

Blogger chaat paapdi said...

great poem. what's tarteeb?? the last lines are achingly honest. :) reminds me of the times i'd buy 'style' stuff and then realize it just wasn't me and end up feeling foolish. i like to think i know better now. :) (so don't comment on my 'behenji' clothes when i come to india this time).

10:20 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

bahut achhi hai. ise padhkar Gulzar ki shayeri yaad aati hai :).
Manohar Shyam Joshi par kuchh nahi?

12:24 PM

Blogger maverick said...

Silbil, (I don't know whether that is your real name!) i googled for "Kasap" just to see if there's a pdf version or something, aisa nahin ki mere paas uski ek prati nahin hai lekin fir bhi ... and Bingo! i came to ur blog ... i've read it again and again, alone in my room, while travelling , at work ... DD, Baby, Babban, Babli di,Gulnaar, Joshiji, the characters are etched in my mind .... it's so nice to find somebody else too likes "Kasap" so much ...

3:32 AM

Blogger silbil said...

rambler my parents didn't think of SILBIL for me!!!! that is my opinion about self ha ha ha
if you read my blog name you'd know what my name is ....not too much imagination i have there!!!!
kasap is my bible....

12:22 PM

Blogger maverick said...

yeah i did see ur blog URL, but silbil certainly sounded better. Are u a bengali?? u look like one, u mention bengali food and ur blog URL says "Nandini KA blog"? :) .... My name is Amit.
What should I say abt KASAP? i have similar views, My life holds an uncanny resemblance to DDs ....

6:58 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice style

11:56 PM

Blogger IndianHusbands said...

Dear Silbil,

I am sorry for all this. But I am not doing it. If I have to comment I would log in in my username and do it. It is definately not someone from my group. You can check the IP address with sitemeter. Someone is intentionally doing it all over.

It is done on other blogs too. With my name and my article link. I am sending P M's to all those, who are getting back to me.

The worst part my ideas are been distorted and misrepresented.

Just ignore it.

I, anyways do not frequent on your blog. And I assure since you do not want, I won't. And the contents just don't match up my interest too to be very frank.

Pls take a note of this.

God Bless You.


2:01 AM

Blogger maverick said...

ujaale apni yaadon ke humaare saath rahne do,
na jaane kis gulli mein zindagi ki shaam ho jaaye...

1:36 AM

Blogger chaat paapdi said...

silbil, please keep writing your blog the way you do. The contents so do match up my interest. Can we eat at swati in tardeo when i come in august?

6:46 AM


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