Friday, April 21, 2006

Silbil's dinner dressing up

This is what I do at dinners
I look tired and sleepy because it was a hard day at office...
Had dinner at Oh Calcutta Express which serves some really good bengali food...


Blogger sudo phish said...

kya hai why u making me jealous by talkinga bout good bong food? I am dying for some ilish.. what all did u have?
who is teh chappy who clicked these snaps?

5:45 AM

Blogger silbil said...

what all didn't i have is a valid question when yout let silbil loose in a bong place...
alu dum and loochi which are so so
mochar chop which is great
tamatar khujorer chutney which is fine
sorso bata maacha which is great
best is the alu jhinge poshto mmmmmmm
mishti doi is lovely too
i still have to eat the dal
though on this particular trip we stuck to boring non aunthentic bong food and ordered mutton and chhicken which wasn't that nice

2:55 AM

Blogger chaat paapdi said... look prettier with each passing year if-such-a-thing-were-possible (said in shiney ahuja style-HKA). i thot that pic was from one of your nutty YRF parties :).

10:12 PM

Blogger der Bergwind said...

hard work n bengalee food makes 'me' a happy boy!
won know abt the hybrid versionz at eating outz of mumb(h)ai nagaria but still for a foodie like me.. more smiles/hour!!
btw... what r those decorations ear2ear?photographic hoax??

2:43 AM

Blogger silbil said...

der bergwind (what does that is German for?)
those were the paper umbrella thigies that come in pina colada type drinks
and are you a bhalo you know how to make bengali food...
i need the recipe of the bengali khichdi asap...

3:24 AM

Blogger der Bergwind said...

hoa.. don get me wrong but cooking is on my cardz of 'to-be-undetaken' assignmentz!!
btw... in german it meanz mountain wind...
n the recipe u wud get 2morrow, as pink floyd sang.. mother has all the answerz! wud post it 2morrow.. hope ur seriouz abt it??!!

10:20 AM

Blogger der Bergwind said...

btw.. bhalo chele certificate callz for cooking skillz? tatz not fair..

10:25 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi me also luv bengali food do u know some nice items do mail me at

10:26 PM


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