Monday, February 13, 2006

For Kuljeet

You forgot to will them,
but we still claim them-those days,
moments...from your life.
we are keeping those for ourselves
- a polite, brief smile,
a united prayer,
a helpless fit of laughter,
moaning about a pimple,
raising eyebrows and lamenting over that jerk,
a smiley for a sms.
Those days when your dreams swelled my heart too,
When your pain fit my hanky too,
When your fears mirrored mine.
And it hasn’t finished or stopped Kuljeet.
Still my sighs over the moonlit sea or a new shoe,
An argument with some very familiar pain or fear
Will hold you.
Don’t worry, no one will take your name away from your favourite song.
Don’t worry,
Hide,rest and watch us if you want to for the next 40 days
Come back then
And we will fight again.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very nice and profoud. Kuljeet's demise was sad indeed for someone so young .May her soul rest in peace.

8:16 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really nice. You write as well in English as you do in Hindi. Let me change that to you write really well in both English and Hindi. It's like a soothing balm for troubled souls.

8:38 PM

Blogger Aparajita said...

brought tears to my eyes and also made me think more deeply about the responsibility of being truly compassionate, sensitive and of reaching out...we are all lonely and troubled at different times and we all need space and yet its so important to just be stay connected and keep letting our loved ones know they are truly valued and precious...that life can be cruel but its never worth giving up...we all need to keep trying even in the most trying times to hope and persevere till we see the silver lining, the rainbow or the sunshine that ALMOST ALWAYS waits to be seen by us...

1:36 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

May all you good peeople be blessed by the big guy up there for remembering a beautiful soul who passed into the other realm in a way that still hurts me.

7:10 PM

Blogger silbil said...

hey anonymous...
do we know each other?
just wondering...
email me if you want to
and let her be a beautiful memory in your heart forever

7:07 AM


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