Monday, March 13, 2006

Smash, drip and evaporate...learn to be a woman.

After reading through the various posts at this brilliant blog and sifting through my own experiences and bloody extractions,I have written this piece...
and it's still in process...

Smash smash smash.The satisfying sound of the glass crashing down .The time standing still for those few seconds .The liberation.The sexy crunch of the glass…
But that feeling is too much to ask of this world. So I smash my mind instead .And heart doesn’t soar … Like it should at the sound of breaking rules. The smashed bloody mind just takes it silently… No fun there, I tell you!

I should be ‘losing control’ the way men on the bikes did in ‘Rang De Basanti’ .While the pretty girls cheered them on .Didn’t they make your body pulsate with what all that you want to do? Not mine though!
I was too busy giving in to control.
Screams free you! They did that too Naseeruddin Shah in Hero Heeralal But what happens to the screams of the heroines?
Heroines…the babes who get raped and after some eve teasing fall in love and promptly touch the feet of the savior husband after the interval.
I am telling you there can be nothing as awe inspiring as the justice of the Hindi films. Nothing as spiritually elevating.
see it's like this-You sexually molest me and I fall in love with you instantly…okay?
And then I marry you and I look up to you all my life…okay? So what I have done is that I have begged you to save me from yourself…understood?
Also add to it some economics .Isn’t it more cost effective to rape me every night? After that genius stroke of ‘mangalsutra’ .Than to rape me just once in while. Also now you can focus on so many more freelance rapes…

Marriage is all about common sense, my love.
And believe me I am going to slap the next, educated person who complains about the aimless youth…especially men. Seriously, get a life dude!
Aimless? Unemployed? Look at all the hard work that they put in.
First they decide what a beautiful woman should look like
Small waist. Toned thighs Cute ass? The poor men …they have to constantly decide whether bigger is better…or maybe it should be small and firm… then...Smooth skin…no pimples…not dark
Not too big, not too small, not too sagging, not too perked up- breasts.
And if
you feminist… loser… loner whatever shit they call you these days
Don’t come up to the standards t
hey have to fail you and you can curl up in your bed alone and let your heart shrivel up. And this is just in short what all they have to keep an eye on.

Then the other group swings in action . See.they are men and therefore practical so they divide the work amongst them …fine?
So the other groups sit in various, inconvenient, uncomfortable places like buses and roads nd offices and homes .And then they have to pinch, grope, maul, twist, slap

and do all that physically excruciating work …
because the bloody women always look enticing…
And they have to do that
You think it’s fun for them.
You think they enjoy this.
They ask irritably and wearily.
And I feel sorry for the poor darlings
Can they help it…that unfortunate hard-on and all that
When they see anything that resembles a woman
And they must despite themselves
do all of the above.
Please understand na,
They are men…
What can they do?

Yesterday i was watching Madagascar and the most fantastic part of the film according to me is where Alex the lion is frantic with worry and he cages himself and asks himself and later his Zebra friend if he is really a monster...with all the hunger that is killing him and all the temptations around he is petrified of himself....and I wondered if any of the molestors have had that dillemma ...are they actually monsters from inside?

Alex the lion won the battle with his monster self by the way...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brilliant! Loved the bit from Madagascar... it's entirely possible to fight and overcome our monsters... whatever they may be.

Take care...

12:32 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanx for dropping by my blog.
The modus operandi of monsters is to try to de-monstrise themselves. Hardly works!
But I did Love "Gloria" the Hippo in Madagascar! What a movie :)

10:51 PM

Blogger Bharati said...

My god as one of the feminist andria dworkin Said All sex is rape .
So we are reachng that stage yah

2:23 AM

Blogger silbil said...

no bharti i hope not!
i haven't given up on all men and love, have you?
though after one week of reading the entries on the blanknoise i was tempted to....

5:27 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Last 30 years , i have been associated with woemen orginsation and waht I understand :-

"The day is not too far , if this men vs women fight not stoped , Indian women have reach to National High way to beg for a Man for 2 or 3 hours , forget marriage , have to beg for thier child part time father the way western women does !!

Hope , you are helping them to reach that 22nd century , Am I right ??"

7:32 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Last 30 years , i have been associated with woemen orginsation and waht I understand :-

"The day is not too far , if this men vs women fight not stoped , Indian women have reach to National High way to beg for a Man for 2 or 3 hours , forget marriage , have to beg for thier child part time father the way western women does !!

Hope , you are helping them to reach that 22nd century , Am I right ??"

7:32 AM

Blogger Tones And Echoes said...

Wow silbil: I had a dream last night about a little girl who is raped and how she at first tried to be brave about it and then breaks down and screams because her father was busy and didn't hear her. And then I found your blog today. Thank you. (I posted brief excerpts to my blog with links to yours and if you'd rather I don't then I'll remove them.) Sincerely, FrenchIndian

9:47 AM

Blogger Cynthia Antoinette said...


I was wondering if you're aware that there are many young girls who do nothing to deserve the sorts of sexual abuse they experience? I did not read anything that would allude to the idea that anyone is promoting the murder of children, mothers fathers, sisters or brothers and I don't understand why you think that it is this blogger's responsibility if someone commits suicide (I read your blog and linked to your links).

3:09 PM

Blogger silbil said...

manshi i have no idea what you mean...maybe you could rephrase it?

saveindian child...i have nothing to say...i feel really sorry for men like you who have been alieniated from women in the name of patriarchal sanskaars

french indian, thanks...

9:27 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stings of 21st Century Women
History is an interesting phenomenon. It says so many things yet reveals a little. As I am writing this piece, it is going down in history with every word I write, most probably to be inundated deep into the sea of obscurity. If at all it gets revealed, like many other lost truths, it will bear the interpretation of the discoverer. Very soon 21st century would be history, and would most likely be remembered for progress India has made in terms of technology, economic power, military power, intellectual capital and WOMEN EMPOWERMENT. Yes, I am talking about women empowerment, the so-called biggest achievement of modern times, yet the biggest malaise to Indian Family. I am fortunate to be born in 21st century, fortunate to be witness to the stark truth that would most likely be relegated to obscurity, revealed only to be twisted and projected to suit oblique interests. Still, I consider myself fortunate, because I can blog the truth in the hope someone, someday, sometime in future might stumble upon the truth written by a common man, for the history has been mostly documented by the state, the statesmen, the king, the ruler, the scholar, the traveler but hardly by the common man. This is an attempt to touch upon the hard truth of “Destruction of Indian Family” perpetrated by so called “empowered women - empowered to destruct”, the biggest achievement yet one of the biggest failure.

I am fortunate to be a part of “Save Indian Family” fraternity which today boasts of 600+ members (several thousands of related members). I am also fortunate to understand, through these 600+ brothers, the dynamics of 21st century Indian Family, the truth that the “History” would conveniently hide it under half lies, half truth as it has done over ages by projecting women as victims and men as villains. Through my eyes and the experience of 600+ brothers, I would like to list down the traits of a typical “empowered 21st century wife” (I am talking about 21st century because I am witness to it, I won’t be surprised if this is the story of the untold history).

Typical Traits of an urban woman in most of the improvident marriages:

1. Highly Materialistic: You are a money-minting machine for her. You are required to satiate her materialistic desires no matter how much or how little you earn.

2. Marriage is a picnic: Don’t dare to tell her the responsibilities of ‘HER’ home. She is on a picnic.

3. Nagging: Continuous nagging and cribbing to meet her unreasonable demands. Well nagging is a soft term, it invariably extends to abuses, insults, humiliations

4. Her way is the only way: She is ‘empowered’ to do all the rights as well as wrongs. All wrongs are her right.

5. Blame Game: Would put the blame of every undesirable and unpleasant happening on you and your family.

6. Elder Abuse: Her family is of utmost importance. No respect for your parents and relatives. They are disposable.

7. Big Mouth: Has a big mouth, wouldn’t tire of praising herself, wouldn’t tire of finding faults in others especially you and your family. Would resort to abuses invectives on a slight pretext.

8. Adultery: She is ‘empowered’ to indulge in extra marital affairs, after all she is just satisfying has physical and emotional needs outside marriage.

9. Hypocrisy: Master liar, master conspirator. Can backstab you anytime, time and again.

10. Blackmailing: Would blackmail you using typical threats of leaving you, threats of causing physical harm to herself and apportioning the blame on you (she is fully aware of one sidedness of Indian legal system) or any other threats that would put you on defensive.

11. Unreceptive: Highly unreceptive to dialogues to resolve the issues. Reasoning with her is like banging your head against the wall.

Stings of ‘empowered’ women having some or all of the above traits

1. Constant abuse, violent outbursts

2. Severance of your relationship with your parents

3. Damage to your and your family members’ health

4. Stuttered/doomed Career.

5. Financial damage in terms of alimony or SOWRY

6. MOTHER OF ALL STINGS: 498 A. Typical effect is jail to you, or to your parents & relatives. You would be wondering what you did to attract this curse on you.

IPC 498 A has become the ultimate weapon in the hands of these women to wreak havoc on your life and its spreading like wild fire with little or no attempt from the people’ in power to control it. The chances are it will be remembered in history as a brave and successful attempt by the government to provide protection to women, completely concealing the true wrath of this law.

Anyways, history would speak its own story, but it should not stop us from taking due care of our present. Typically, what should you do if trapped with such women? Legally there is hardly any provision to seek relief. You can join ‘Save Indian Family’ brotherhood, one of the fastest growing self-help group with collective experience of thousands of years, that would help you, guide you and advise you on how to handle the stings of ‘empowered 21st women’.

Who knows we may even re-write the history?

Disclaimer: The views expressed are entirely writer’s personal views.

3:24 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

3:27 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Friday, September 16, 2005
Another Victims' Father Bites the Dust.

Just last Sunday Mumbai had its first meeting of victims.

It Included 6 Husbands and 1 Sister of a Victimised husband. Like I said that all the victims' stories sounded tragic, but today that is just 5 days later, the sister who attended the meeting sends me an SMS "MY DAD IS NO MORE, HE GOT MASSIVE ATTACK, FUNERAL TOMORROW..." on probing she sent me an SMS stating that it was all because of the prevailing tension of her brothers case... the father could not bear the shock and to add fuel to the fire were the calls from the Mother-in-law and Daugher-in-law for the Divorce.

More Details after I get the exact update from Donna, The Funeral will be at Holy Cross Church at 11.00 am, Kamani, Kurla West on 17th Sept 2005.

Members of the Save Indian Family expresses their Heartfelt Condolences to Donna Swamy, Philip and the family for this irrepairable loss. And sincerely pray to god for strength to the family to bear the Shock. May the soul of their father rest in peace.

God Please Listen to our Prayers. We Pray that the day comes soon when we are able to STOP this Legal Terrorrism and Murders in Pre and Post 498A Stage.

Prayers and Condolences for all those who have lost their Innocent Dear ones as a Victim of Law.

3:28 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

498A: Made for Sita but Surpanakhas are encashing.

498A: Made for Sita but surpanakhas are encashing.

The questions are...
1. does a real sita use 498A? and..
2. how will we stop surpanakha misusing it? and..
3. and is the purpose of such law really served in reality ?

Let us take 4 broad combinations to a marriage and applications of 498A.

In today’s modern world if
1. The boy is like Ram and the girl is like Sita
2. The boy is like Rakshasha and the Girl is like
3. The boy is like Rakshasha and the Girl is like Sita
4. The boy is like Ram and the girl is like Surpanakha

Case 1:The boy is like Ram and the girl is like Sita:
The questions of 498A does not arise

Case 2:The boy is like Rakshasha and the Girl is like Surpanakha:
They fight it out among themselves if things are wrong or it is ideal match on the other extreme side.

Case 3:The boy is like Rakshasha and the Girl is like Sita:
Well ideally this is the case where 498A is fairly applicable and the guy is deserving of it. But, sita by virtue of her characteristic will NOT AND DOES NOT implicate 498A on the boy and his family. (Like of the cases seen in the society around us, the girl is firm not to cause harm to anyone, thus 498A is not utilized for the reason it should be) Thus the purpose of the very foundation of the law for whom it is dedicated is not fulfilled.

Case 4:The boy is like Ram and the girl is like Surpanakha:
Well well well this is what is happening everywhere, where 498A benefits the Surpanakhas of our society and Rams and his family are reduced to puppets. 498A is misused to the fullest of its capacity and the real motive behind the law it is lost to protect the “ABLA NARI”. Its is highly misused by the nuisance value creators of the society, committing a mockery of the judicial system, by misleading and fooling the entire society including the very law.

This needs to be stopped, as the real purpose is not met and the crooks are at work, making money and going scott free where as Rams and his family members are in jail.

“When the Statistics reveal that a drastic majority of the cases are framed and false why should we allow such laws that encourage injustice?” We need a change in the current scenario.

Inqulab Zindabad.

3:29 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

They do wrong, but never get caught.

Its Official: Women are superior to men, in any given field. The trends are showing…

The data generally used for representing women includes the uncivilsed class at large and hence we get a distorted and grotesque, scary and unreal image of the state of Indian women in India. 1 sec, I am talking about the “civilized class.”

Pinch yourself and ask some basic questions to realize the facts.

Women are found leading and no way backward in any of the fields that are arguably ruled by men. While Men are too busy trying to figure out that are they really so outright dumb, stupid characters as branded by certain sexist women or there are areas where they actually top? they were cleverly voted as leaders in some and duffers in others by a voice vote before they could realise and talk or even blog about it. For example...

Let us take each one of them one after another to analyse that women actually top these otherwise perceived as departments ruled by men.

They say, Once a lady overheard bunch of guys talking the so called dirty male talk, and she confessed to her friends that even males talk as much dirty as we do.
This is proved by what was published in mid-day somedays back in an article that was decently and shying putting facts across. Those porn stuff being read in the ladies compartment of Mumbai Trains. But a live example is of one of my favourite Indian Lady novelist Shobha De, While reading her works like Surviving Men the language never gives you a whiff of a lady writing those text. What I like about shobhaa de is her attitude of not faking it and being out right “Tapori” err… I mean honest.
Mid-day link

There was this movie in Bollywood “Fun-Can be Dangerous” where the 3 heroines of the movie pledge in hindi that “Pati-yon ki adla badli ho karr rahegi” meaning that it will be made sure that their husbands will be swapped. Few days back we got the shocking news in Hindustan times that the civilized top society people were found high on rise in so called “Wife Swapping” but the fact was more women responded to these offers, ‘they insisted and preferred the males on chat to write an outright dirty mail instead of mundane hello’. But as rightly argued by SIF Activist "Friend" that "this is infact Husband Swapping as Wives were interested more that husbands."
Hindustan times link (right click and read more) “Fun-Can be Dangerous”

I can put as many links her as I can as all SIF victims are ultimately victims of lies by virtue of 498A but again I will put my favorite links once again
1. Supreme Court calls 498A Legal Terrorism (Explaination)
2. Mom forces daughter to frame dad of Rape (right click here)
3. False charges on dad by daughter (right click here)
and all those links in the side bars under the banner of co-satyagrahis.

Well some tycoon’s desperate daughter is changing her sex to a male, just to claim the stake of money. Someone is marrying rich NRI guy so that one could live a luxurious life, and if things do not work out then “498a hai na”. Apart from that even the system, if not all, but at large (abhi samjho kaun kaun aa jaata hai isme) are focusing on the wrong segment for 498A cases as they are more applicable in uncivilized section where the women are willfully hit on limb etc causing grave hurt, thus, Matching the definition of 498a. But no one is concerned there, beyond collecting data, used for making a law and mixing it with the civilized section and applying there on basis of figures collected from uncivilized section.

Now the interesting part is the law is not applied at all in the sector from where the data is taken and is applied as a black mailing tool causing legal terrorism in the civilized sector. The hard earned money is siphoned out and circulated to the corrupt system, the guys shell money to safeguard their parents and avoid blackmailing by misuse of sections like 498A in name of dowry demand. This is in civilized sector where dowry is not in practice and to justify the data of uncivilized sector is used thus avoiding the dilution of 498A.

Finally the corrupt system encourages the gross misuse and daughters in law make money that goes undocumented as a blackmail and documented as alimony. So the females reign supreme actually.

Conversly, Just wondering if we have to think of great works in any creative field too that is generally misbranded as soft and feminine...the first ones to come to our mind are...

Great poets we think of Keats, Wordsworth.
Great Philosophers: Socretes, Vivekananda
Great Cooks: Males e.g Sanjeev Kapoors and we (most of us) single Husbands (spare me at this moment)
Great Fashion designers: Gianni Versace,Tommy Hilfiger etc
Great Playwrights/ Authors: Shakesphere, Tagore

...All males!!!

Where as when it comes to the rest that is Money, Interest, Sex, Lies and Atrocities Women reign Supreme. India Today's surveyed data and Khusboo’s highly condemned statement by this blog has also been proven to be true.

Coz "they do wrong but never get caught" and even if they are caught they have their weapons to Combat fatally...Tears etc. Its official.


3:30 AM

Blogger sudo phish said...

Hey silbil
what's the deal with teh comments on ur blog? has the junta lost it! It was a most interesting read tho- didn't realise how net-savvy otherwise totally medieval people have become. The surpanakha thing TOTALLY cracked me up. HOW ORIGINAL CAN THESE "activists" be - save the family - did they learn it form BUSH??!! I hope more write in :)

7:02 PM

Blogger silbil said...

anonymous: keep on writing and maybe you can change your name to maryada puroshottam or are proving to be more and more entertaining...please write more...

Sudo phish:surpanakha is hated by the rightists because she was a woman who spoke her today's parlance would be called a radical feminist...she liked a man she proposed him and of course he couldn't take it...reminds you of a scar faced man i used to like doesn't,tall, dark,my sister's friend...get therefore surpanakha becomes an evil vamp in their eyes as they can't take it when a woman dares to want and desire...

11:04 AM

Blogger KT said...

Interesting piece, write more.
That reference to madagascar is interesting..

7:05 PM

Blogger chaat paapdi said...

oooops! i read all these posts too late. you're damn cool to leave anonymous's posts on, you certainly believe in democracy! ha ha!! there's definitely george bush monies there for for 'saving the family' by oppressing the women- just like 'saving the world' by waging war on iraq.

9:53 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

We want family union not family breakups.
Dear Modern Supernakah and Modern Ravans ,

You know we call you ladies as Suparnka's here in india? I'll tellyou why. Becuz it was Suparnka who wanted everything by her way and that's why her nose was cut!!! Now lets compare with seeta. who was a lady who was from such a rich and royal family. and even then shesacrificed everything to go on with Lord rama on exile. thats why seeta is still remembered and not suparnka.

But the fact is , Seeta had been sufered and paid heavy price for a Supernakah only .

So this was the comparison.

Now coming back to our issue that mainly revolves around the career orientation.Everything is destined and shall work properly if its working according to the law of nature which defines its functionality. Men are supposed and known as bread earners of the family and woman as homemakers. Even supreme court of india has defined men as bread earner of the family.So a man is supposed to work and earn and a woman to make an ideal household.

Now bonus points to be considered. if a man is helping the lady in the household chores as long as it doesnt hurt his primary objective i.e. earn money, its a bonus point and not a compulsion.

Similarly, if a woman is earning as long as it doesnt hurt her primary objective, i.e. make a home, its a bonus point and not acompulsion.

Now where the conflict starts. Woman think men are envious of their earning and get jelous when they supersede them in career. ha haha!!!!!!! joke of the day, lady!!!!!!

Why should they do that? Men are men and nobody can supersede men cuz that's why they are called men and not woman. why dont you say its a woman's word instead ofsaying its a MAN"S WORD?????????? Nature has defined it.

So no arguments over it. Simply accept that fact. Now coming to the Nature. And that's where I am going to get a bit dirty but you know its a naked fact and you cant deny that. That is goin to hurt you, but you know, thats a fact and now accept it bravely.

"You know even God knew that woman are dirty. They hey that dirty blood inside them. You know that. and it comes out in form of menses during the menstrual cycle. And thats why God has made your life miserable also. Be a female peon or be a female chairperson of a company 3 days are like hell of them. They bleed and they cant copulate, they cant work. They have that stupid pain in their stomach and those dirty thoughts which are their in youmind come out in form of dirty blood from the passage of which youtake the advantage the most. That also gets dirty and its a time thatduring when you openly invite a man, be you be the most beautiful andsuccessful woman in the world, no man shall be ready to evencompulate with you. thats where you worth comes on the foreground.and aaaah, those painful 3 days every month, what to do about that? keep on taking baralgon, your success cant stop your menses. That some naked truth. "

Next, its called here in India "chahey kaddu gireychaku pe ya chaku girey kaddu pe, katega kaddu hi" (meaning where apumpkin falls on a knife or a knife falls on a pumpkin hardlymatters. Only the pumpkin shall be cut!).

Same as in here. thats why men have an organ and woman dont. God has made them that way only. A woman cant enjoy compulation unless it hurts her. She'll enjoy only when the compulation is hurting her.

No hurt and no enjoyment. So immaterial whether the woman is on the top or a man is on the top. The organ of a MAN SHALL go inside the vaccuum of a woman. She lacks organ and she is made to be penetratedby a man. That's nature lady.

Now lets come down to a nutshell.

"We Indian men dont have any problem with working woman, fine go ahead and make you carreer, we are NOT going to stop you. But PLEASE, dont sulk and desert us if we just become homakers!!! We tolerate when you dont earn and sit down and eat jalebi's and dry fruits and buy jewellaries and new sareers and diamond neckless pay for theapartment and earn for the kids and earn money for your kitty partiesfrom our hard earned, swetting money. "

Fine, go ahead, we are now ready to become homemakers and you go out in the streets and earn for us and our kids. We WONT have any issues.

Hope all the MEN in the universe shall agree with me. We are ready to become the weaker sex now.

But we want family union not familybreakups.

silnil we are for family unity , we want to expose the real suprankhas and remove their posiisnus teeth.

we feel pain too when we are falsely accused. see how painful it is.

11:04 PM

Blogger silbil said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
their arguements don't make me angry at all
bring them on
and if you guys get offensive your posts shall be deleted
other than that...
write posts like this
I FEEL REALLY SORRY FOR THE GENUINE VICTIMS IN THAT one will take them seriously because of morons like you

11:27 PM

Blogger sudo phish said...

Hi Silbil,
already commented on your straight from the heart post so dedicating this one to our sweet lil "victim" and savior of families

Some comments to your hilarious comment -

"You know we call you ladies as Suparnka's here in india? I'll tellyou why. Becuz it was Suparnka who wanted everything by her way and that's why her nose was cut!!!"
One tip, Learn some smart political strategising from your right wing gurus and atleast cite examples from reality not mythology...

"Men are supposed and known as bread earners of the family and woman as homemakers. Even supreme court of india has defined men as bread earner of the family."

I am not blaming you for this - not all people need to have read books. But let me just give it to u simply, Historically (and not mythologically), men and women had different tasks cos men went hunting and women did teh agricultural work. The whole breadwinner - home maker routine was later institutionized by men who did not women to be competitions for wages once work became factory based. (by competition I am not being emotional i mean that in pure economic terms)

And this was perpetuated by institutions -all of which was dominated by men - one of which is the supreme court...

"You know even God knew that woman are dirty. They hey that dirty blood inside them. You know that. and it comes out in form of menses during the menstrual cycle. "

A master piece observation! But did u ever stop to think , that if it wasn't for the "dirty" blood that your mother produced you won't have been born? (not going to the debate wther that would have been good or bad..)
Mensus are since u seem to be lacking much info in history and biology, eggs that are rejected by the body. And these eggs- if fertilised become embryos and them babies.
ok that's enough knowledge for you for one day...

6:42 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

comon you balls of a girl with dirty blood. lets see what u got. deleting comments of ours . will expose you.

9:18 PM

Blogger Anushka said...


They will descend on your blog and you will never know what the hell you did?

I had to turn on comment moderation as to not embarrass my other blog friends.

10:08 PM

Blogger silbil said...

thanks anushka
the moderation is on
and still i am publishing the comments as there is nothing as humiliating for them to muddy themselves in front of us as we stand and watch
and i feel terribly sorry for any genuine victims of the misuse of that law...
as it is they have to deal with shit in life and then they make friends with jerks like this...

10:33 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


its berter to be an aniaml thse days . atleast they get justice. we pay for our wifes food, clothers, feed them give them monye and they put 498 on us. shobha de said men are in 16 centur and moved women to 22 century. this is not fair. dishinest people will suffer and belong to terrrost family..

todays women only knows how to abuse his parents and whole sale free to kill children and take money money and money from everywhere.

4:45 PM

Blogger silbil said...

rai agree with shobha de
and you make it sound like you are doing a favour to your wife by giving her that food and clothes...
i understand that you must have gone through a tough time with whatever predicament you suffered but it still doesn't make sense to alineitate more people the way you are doing
haven't you done enough cathrsis maybe you need dialogue now
how long will you mollycoddle yourself?

1:23 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Today there is only one platform who undestand the pain and suffering for the Blackmailling and extrotion process going on in India in the name of Legal terrorism ( slowly other platform also coming up ) .
Only a real burner knows the pain of the real burning effect . More than 12000 Indian husbands made suicide last years due to thier wive's cruel activity , but how many times we have came to know ( IN one day In delhi three husabnd suicide , a lot of husabnd are living with mentally disbalanced after getting the physical attack for wives brother and boy friends ), on the other hand you can find if a wife goes to toilet more thant 3 times the news will be flash all over the places , why such difference ? Crime is crime if a husabnd ensure the wife's sucided is a crime , why the same will not be treated when a wife ensure the husabnd's suicided or murder - after marriage ?

Is this called gender quality ?

At any cost My aim to save the suicide of thier son , and swarup Promise : "he will try his best to stop this massive suicide of Indian husabnd in India ."

Recently , one mother came to us and say swarup please save my son to go to jail , I am ready to go to jail for rest of the life , but no one should touch my son , as this was my mistake that i Chose the Girls for him and today the same girl and thier family want huge money and divorce as she can't stay in Ahamadabad , "yes she is a well know feminist and last 30 years worked for women and child well fare , but no one ready to belive her contribution to that.Like that a lot of story are there ..

I say do not worry aunti , 498A is a blood cancer , but we also know how to fight back ,
Are you ready to avoid a Terrorist Attack?? - Misuse of 498A

at the end both son and mother got the bail without going to jail , yes we never allow them to come under this Blackmailling process and try to take them in 21st century reality .

So , a lot of Mother and sister instead of going to NCW ( National Women commosin ) , prefers to approch SIF volenters to understand , is there any solution for this Blood cancer ?

Basically our observation that people suffered more and more due to lack of knowledge of waht is actual 498A and Dv act . People think if they are innocent no one can do any harm , but reality those virus attack to Innocent only as those are really culprit can not traped in 498a as they take all the safety measers in advance.Want to know more ..drop out any time in our volenters meet ...

Yes if your brain is dirty , you will get dirty , if want any time well come to our onfiled orginasation activity at Asha Kiran .

Basically they term as forgetten women , and our so called greatr sons , forget thier contribution to wards upbring us , as per them 21st century wives is the last thing in their life .

Not only husabnds , a lot of 498A girls also sucided when she come to know that her game is all over and going to expose , when those husabnd fight back and refuse to come under balackmailling , basically this 498A is a familly killer and let the DV act comes , people will get the answer by thier own .
Check this :-
• Tuesday, October 25, 2005 - 498A Girl ( Shalini ) End her Life after 3 Years - to avoid the Punishment for False allegation.

Such law can;t punish the culprit , it only harrase the innocent that is the reason superme court of India term this as " Legal Terrorism "

so to all modern suprnaakas, stop torture

12:10 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes i did a favour by givne my wife clothers . She lived off me and ate my food and this is what i got.

to open our eyes we are alreasy having dialogue

there are more 12000 men who comment suiceide coz of demestic viloenc from womean

Today there is only one platform who undestand the pain and suffering for the Blackmailling and extrotion process going on in India in the name of Legal terrorism ( slowly other platform also coming up ) .
Only a real burner knows the pain of the real burning effect . More than 12000 Indian husbands made suicide last years due to thier wive's cruel activity , but how many times we have came to know ( IN one day In delhi three husabnd suicide , a lot of husabnd are living with mentally disbalanced after getting the physical attack for wives brother and boy friends ), on the other hand you can find if a wife goes to toilet more thant 3 times the news will be flash all over the places , why such difference ? Crime is crime if a husabnd ensure the wife's sucided is a crime , why the same will not be treated when a wife ensure the husabnd's suicided or murder - after marriage ?

Is this called gender quality ?

3:53 PM

Blogger Anushka said...

Hey Silbil


Looks like the garbage is yet being doled out. And they are embarassing themsleves all the more. Not that they know what it means. What language is this? Any idea? The letters look english...i dunno:))

I did finally look up some sites to figure out what the actual stats are on dowry deaths, woman torture etc. You may want to read it. (their claims on men sucide/torture are exaggerated to suit them & furhter their female bashing clause)

Take care.

12:05 PM

Blogger silbil said...

okay i am reproducing a mail that i wrote to cruiser_deep after the annoying anon messages above
my mail was :
I am pasting a comment that was left on a post of mine a while back
and i am not pasting it here because i am angry, i am not just amused but a sense of resposnibility made me send it you and jinesh etc (sure some of you have sense!) so that YOU get angry,
what is wrong with you people, you are fighting for a valid cause and these are the kind of people you need the support of.
I would be very worried if I were you.
The mentality that comes out in the comment reproduced below is very detrimental, don't you agree.
what are you doing to stop this.

and he wrote back saying the following, I think to be fair it's imperative that i post their post their views and feelings too..
he said:
Hi Nandini and Kavita,

As i had posted in Kavita's blog(which didnt get published, but its ok thats not the point) I am not justifying these attitudes of some SIF members. But a lot of SIF members are deranged, including me- deranged since we have been pitted against mammoth forces of an entire nations law enforcement. I had given a typical scenario of a victim in Kavitha's unpublished blog post.

What I am trying to say is that many of us are running from pillar to post for extended periods and are frustrated to the core, and will pick up fights with anyone at the drop of a hat(being very honest about my own temparament a while back when I still had a Job, which I had to leave because of the problems I got myself into). Some of us have even fought with their own parents(Since they wanted to settle matters by paying up the wives side out of the court, but the husbands didn't want to yield to the pressure), they have been disowned by their parents later, and now they are leading lives of a recluse. So with pressure and turmoil from the system and isolation from society and friends, you can't hope to get any sane guys- and thats what you have infront of you- its unfortunate, you and me cannot do much about this collateral damage.

The comment which you have quoted below(about women and dirty blood) has come from a new member who was accused of 498a(harassment and cruelty towards wife) along with his Handicapped(affected with nuerosis for last 14 years, limited physical and mental capabilities) Father, Mother and Married brother(i guess his wife too), his brother was accused of Rape too!(just since its another section of law which carries more sting than 498a, and a girl just have to comlplain). I am just giving the scenario without offering any justification, since I can't.

We are deranged, and thats why this happens, thats all I can say. It will not stop unless this victimisation stops, since some section of members will always chose to react like this and they do have their own justifications. SIF is not a controlled group, its just a congregation of victims and right now we all are doing 'whatever' we can to get the word out(by hook or crook). Some members have chosen to be moderate/reasonable, and some have not. One moderate site which u may want to look up at leisure: .


my opinion on their justification for losing mental balance and therefore lashing out wherever and whenever they can, I have not heard of rape victims going on rampage as yet, I have no heard of dowry victims going on ramapage ...
and the reason for this is that women and their families are taught to take all the shit in this world in their stride...but men god forbid if men are wronged then they just acquire the right to ne angry young men like amitabh bacchan or the modern avtars like the aimless boys in RDB...

10:05 PM

Blogger Mr. Lonely said...

funny......but u r rite,,,,,all mens r bastard including me

11:51 AM

Blogger silbil said...

oh believe me they are not...
some of them are such wonderful and non threatened individuals that it is an honour to know them...
my father is one...

12:10 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for dropping by my blog and for the kind words.

2:37 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

desi girls,
I think the western thinking as hit India too, with their so called equality of women and man hating propoganda. I am from a very forward western nation, and the problems fromn their unilateral approcah is showing up in their society.
First rule: don't blame men or women or politicians or any other way of dissociating yourself from the responsibility: You are responsible for your well being and you can make a difference to the society.
Second: Blaming men for problems has led to the distortion of the feminist movement in the West, has led to a rise in the Lesbian culture and men-hating women who blame men for all their problems.
Third: The problems facing the West because of their impractical and inflexible philosophy which has been percolating their whole society in the name of freedom and feminism are- Falling demographics, rising divorce rate and an increasing number of dissatisfied and unhappy people all round. Instead of focussing on the solution, a lot of the women focus on their percieved causes and distort the opinions of the younger generations.
A nation's wellbeing and existence is affected by the falling birth-rate numbers, fewer people even marrying, unhappy and morally decrepit relationships.
So if you are mature enough to understand, then remember whatever happens is not the whole-sale fault of a particular group of people men/women, and one must learn to examine issues from a socio-cultural and historically unique perspective instead of importing ideas from the West without close examination.
If you spend your energies in trying to make India a better place for the future generations, not just a desi reflection of the West, then quit complaining and playing the blame game and publish useful pertinent and the necessary views for our unique and finely balanced society.

10:33 AM

Blogger Unknown said...

Domestic violence Against Husbands on increase in the city , Bangalore.

Thousands of techie's sorry tale of being beaten up by his wife made us think behond resonable that women are misusing laws (a little too flabbergasting considering the fact that the `victim' just needed to take a peek into the history and draw inspiration to bash up his wife in retaliation!), digest this: on an average, more than 170 married men are lost their life each month in Bangalore district due to their abusive wives.

Husband Killers are moving freely in our Society , who knows you will not be the Next?
More at :

2:21 AM

Blogger silbil said...

Swarup dude
how like you to come and bother me again...
you seriously need a life...
just move on...
if you can't please don't bug people who have neither any empathy nor sympathy for your sop stories

2:29 AM

Blogger Payal said...

Well its interesting to know things are smashing us.
u know never know when.

9:46 PM


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